Monday, December 3, 2012

Garden Mums

I admit it:  every year I plant pretty mums in the fall and every year about this time I pull them up and pitch them in the trash.  But this year, I want to try to keep them.  What to do?

My research reveals that it seems pretty simple.  Just cut the plants to ground level and cover with a mulch of leaves until spring.  Lord knows I have enough leaves, except I think I'm going to use mulch for aesthetics.

The only thing is, I'm cautioned to plant "garden mums," not "pot mums."  Well, those labels are long gone!  So we'll just have to wait and see.

Have you done anything else?  Were you successful?

So this is funny.  While I was doing this cutting back, I saw this wonderful leaf.  Wow, I said, that's perfect.  So I snapped this photo.  Then I decided to take it inside and put it on my kitchen window and discovered - it's silk!  It must have fallen off of my fall door decoration!  No wonder it was perfect.


  1. Your mums should come back.You can cut them back or not. I have had success with the potted ones also.

  2. I have garden mums Suzanne. They are a bit unruly though and flop over. I got them from a sale at Dixon. BTW, I found one of those 'perfect' leaves at PAR also, and like you had thought I'd found such a beautiful leaf. --Dianne


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