Monday, July 16, 2012

Share and Learn - Sedums

Prior to the Memphis Area Master Gardener meeting each month, a member volunteers to share some special knowledge with the group in a presentation called "Share and Learn."  

Last month Jane Jordan and Joanne Watson shared their love of sedums and inspired us with instructions to make a living wreath.

A Living Wreath

(Note:  It's best to make a smaller wreath, as it can get very heavy.)

  1. Cut the top and the foot off of a pantyhose.  You will use one leg per wreath.
  2. Fill the let with potting soil which has already been dampened.
  3. Position the leg on a wreath form (you can find these at stores like Michaels.)
  4. Place wet moss on top of the soil filled pantyhose.
  5. Attach the soil and moss to the form with floral wire.
  6. Plant sedums as desired:  Poke a hole in the pantyhose with scissors and plant the sedum, securing with floral clips if needed.  
  7. Let the wreath sit for a couple of days so that plantings can root.  
  8. Hang in desired location.
In the Memphis area, Little/Hill Nursery and Gardens Oy Vey are great sources for sedums.

Sedums require little water, will root easily, and will come back each year - what else do you want?

Jane and Joanne had several pots of mixed sedums to show us.  They recommend using landscape fabric as liners in pots and baskets prior to planting.  They told us about some of their favorites.  Here are a few for you to research further:

Dragon's Blood
Creeping Jenny
Album Coral Carpet
Blue Spruce
Silver Gem Prostate Blue (likes shade)
Mazus reptanus

And here are more pictures:

Many thanks to Joanne and Jane!

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