Wednesday, May 9, 2012

PAR Update 5/8/12

The Plant a Row for the Hungry Garden volunteers are reaching out to those less fortunate in our community. 

Collierville Victory Garden has already donated 1,202 lbs in 2012!

Currently the garden has one row each of leaf cabbage, Korean turnips, and purple top turnips to harvest this week.

CVG has planted most of the summer garden including:
  • ·      Basil
  • ·      Eggplant
  • ·      Cantalopes
  • ·      Cucumbers
  • ·      Peppers
  • ·      Purplehull peas
  • ·      Squash
  • ·      Tomatoes

Sweet Texas onions, sweet corn and garlic should be harvested within two weeks.

Last week Janet and Debra conducted a tour of the garden for a group from the VA hospital.  Call 901-752-1207 to get information about arranging for your own tour of any of the PAR gardens.

CVG’s zinnia cut flower bed has sprouted and has a few tiny flowers.

PAR – Davies has also donated 438 lbs of fresh produce to the YWCA and to the Memphis Food Bank including greens, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and spinach.

Cool weather crops are being pulled up and put in the compost bin, and hot weather plants are going in the ground.

PAR – Davies is experimenting with some new garden conventions.  For example, red potatoes are being grown in hay!  According to G.A. the secret is to keep the adding hay on top of the plants and keeping the hay moist.  The potatoes will be green and bitter if exposed to light.
Potatoes in straw

Stay tuned for some more gardening innovations by the PAR – Davies Guy!

PAR – Shelby Farms

The gardens have been released to the volunteers and gardening has begun. 

So far, PAR – Shelby Farms has tomatoes, squash and cucumber planted.  Don, Al and their team also have planted some seed.

All the hills and furrows are in and we just need to plant and get rid of the nut grass.

--- Sharon Lusk

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