Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dianne's Excellent Raised Bed Adventure

Here is the garden at present. Tomato (Early Girl) in bottom left was planted on March 17. Collards are in the bottom 2 rows, then with kale on the right and radishes and onions on the left. In the second bed leaf lettuce on the right with onions on the left, then spinach and swiss chard, next more left lettuce with romaine on the left, and last are snow peas starting to climb trellis. 

You will also see that I have a crop of mushrooms growing. When I went to the mushroom lecture I found out they are actually good for the soil and indicates good organic content and microbes. Knowing this, I'm not as disgusted when I first saw them, and they disappear when the sun hits them. 

By next week I think I will be able to pull some radishes and cut some lettuce.  I ended up reseeding practically everything except for that mass of bright green lettuce, which was the first thing planted on Feb. 5. I think it is a combination of the soil still being a little 'lumpy' and not fully decomposed plus temperature, which prohibited the seeds from germinating.

snow peas

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