Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blooming Today

The weather forecast is for storms today, and rain tends to ruin tender blossoms. So I walked around the yard and snapped a few pictures of newly-blooming plants before the rain has a chance to ruin the blossoms.

Our 'Mr. Lincoln' rose is outdoing himself this year. (In fact, all our roses are, and this is a mystery to me. I would have thought that this very wet spring would have meant blighted blossoms and a lot of black spot, but that has not been the case, at least not so far.)

An unidentified, but beautiful pink rose that we inherited when we bought our house is also having a banner spring. I wish I knew the cultivar name for this rose. It is planted in a less-than-ideal site very close to the house, but it is a reliable repeat-bloomer and has reasonably good resistance to black spot and other rose problems.

Jack's grandmother's peony started blooming overnight. Rain can really ruin peony blooms, so I'm hoping this storm will be kind. 

These swamp irises have been blooming for over a week, and every day there seems to be a few more blooms. (I don't know how that purple dutch iris, barely visible in the center of the group, joined the party.)

And speaking of irises, our bearded ones have just begun to bloom. This one, which started blooming a few days ago, is one of my favorites.

This stroll around the garden motivated me to snip a few blooms to take to my mom when I visit her today. A few flowers in a mason jar--such a lovely thing!

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