Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Live a little, Plant a little....

Photo by Brandon Price on flickr

It is that time of year again....Plant sales!  All the nurseries are bursting at the seams and everyone is having a plant sale.  Each plant sale offers something a little different.  Don't forget to check out the offerings from the Dixon Garden Fair April 24th & 25th from 9am to 4pm.  They always have great plants!

What exciting plans do you have for your yard?  I must get my dry creek bed in my backyard before it floats away.  Trying to wrangle work, volunteering and 3 border collies is always fun to find time to work in the yard.  I am sure my sisters would like me to get finished with my project, too.

Figuring out how to landscape an area used heavily by border collies and moles has been a challenge.  I have been researching plants that are safe for pets and will grow in the shade.  The ASPCA has an extensive database for you to search here.  There were some surprises for me though, one seed from a sago palm can be fatal quickly to a dog.  I did not know that hollies and azaleas were toxic to dogs.

But first I will get the bones of my landscape in place.  So I will begin with my dry creek bed and work from there.  I hope you are finding time to work on your own yard.

Don't forget the plant sale this weekend.  I am sure I will find myself distracted as it is a more enjoyable event than digging a trench in the backyard!

Happy Gardening,
Dawn B.

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