Friday, April 18, 2014

You say tomato, I say tomahto

Hi Everyone,

Actually, I've never heard anyone in Tennessee say 'tomahto.'

This was a quiet and busy morning in the garden. Gardeners were Janet, G.A., Dorothy and myself. The main accomplishment today was major tomato planting....Beefsteak, Roma, Bella Rosa, Rutgers, Nebraska Wedding, Marglobe, Mr. Stripey, Phoenix, Brandywine Pink, Black Cherry and Juliet!! Next week we hope to finish up with the tomatoes.

Two 'Emerald' artichokes were planted today.

The artichokes were started from seed. Out of five seeds in the package, only two germinated. They are supposed to be perennials in zone 7. However, if we have another winter like the one just past, maybe not. 

A few other things going on in the garden....

Japanese Giant Red Mustard

Only about eight of these mustard plants survived, but the ones that did look like they will be very productive. These are really stunning plants, and I hope to have a larger crop in the fall.

Our favorite herb.

Update on the Comfrey shows blossoms forming. In a several of weeks, we should be able to start our famous 'Comfrey Tea' just in time to fertilize tomatoes, peppers and squash.

Espaliered 'Moonglow' pear tree.

This is one of two espaliered pear trees ready for the second tier. The other 'Bartlett' pear had some damage when a limb fell on it breaking one of the trained branches. I don't know if the tree will be salvageable, and we may have to get another.

Strawberries in block holes.

There are lots of strawberry blossoms, but the berries always seem to end up food for critters. In the words of Susan...I admire you trying to take care of the little creatures!

Surely there will be no more freezes and the tomatoes will be safe. Barring any disasters, we hope to have many varieties of tomatoes for the 'Tomato Tasting' in July.

'Til later,

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