Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Planting Marathon

Hi Everyone,

What a busy morning we had with a lot of seeds and seedlings being put in the ground. Gardeners present were Kathy, Mary Elizabeth, Janet, Sandy, Barbara, Martha, G.A., Susan, Jamie, Joan, Rita, Al, Greg and myself. We had four flats of seedlings, which included 45-day cabbage, red cabbage, Lacinato kale, red Japanese mustard, Romaine lettuce and a 6-pack of pansies just to make it pretty. Everything got planted except for about a dozen seedlings, which will be finished up Saturday.

Like busy bees all over the place.

Kathy, Sandy and Barbara planted lots of radishes. Joan became an expert at planting cabbage. Susan and Greg planted half the potato bed with Russet potatoes, and that will be finished off Saturday with red potatoes. Rita and Janet planted kale and cabbage. Martha and Kathy planted a row of cabbage on the in-ground bed, planting red and green intermittently. We hope this will be eye-catching.

Barbara watering in the carrot beds and 
G.A. checking out the Romaine and cabbage.

Two beds of carrots were planted, 'Sweet Treat' and 'Red Cored Chantenay.' These were planted on one side of the bed, leaving room for the tomatoes on the other side. Sandy and Mary Elizabeth put in a double row of 'Little Marvel' peas on the in-ground bed. We had covered over the in-ground beds with leaves, and the leaves were pulled aside to plant. Then as the plants get bigger, the leaves will be moved back to form a mulch.

Sandy and Mary Elizabeth planting peas.

G.A. and Jamie finished up replacing the last bed, and they are beautiful!! We are happy that is done, and I know they are too. They also put down some black plastic around the area of the water supply, which is always kind of muddy. I hope this will solve the problem. Holes were punched in it to keep water from collecting on the plastic.

Al brought his weed eater and mowed down the hairy vetch, which was turned under and planted with kale. Al also brought some bok choy seedlings which Greg and Susan transplanted. And Jamie finished pulling branches off the fence from the storm.

So many things were done, and I hope I mentioned them all. Please pardon me if I incorrectly identified who did what or missed anyone! So many people worked so hard, and our spring garden is finally underway. Thank you everyone!

'Til later,

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