Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Annual Holiday Party - Unexpected Talent!

The Memphis Area Master Gardeners enjoyed our annual holiday dinner Wednesday night at the Memphis Botanic Garden.  Our outgoing president wrote a special farewell song!

(Sing to the tune Loverly from My Fair Lady)

All I want is a flower bed
Perhaps a trowel and a potting shed
A hat upon my head
Oh wouldn’t that be loverly

Give me a spade and place to dig
I’ll plant a mater and I’ll plant a fig
Who knows they might grow big
Oh wouldn’t that be loverly

Oh so loverly putting scraps into the compost pile
How do all those tater eyes
Turn into a fertilize...errrr

Lots of perennials and lots of seeds
Lots of hydrangeas and not one weed
All a master gardener needs
Oh isn’t just so loverly

As the prez I’ve had all the perks
I’ve watched us grow and I know your quirks
You’ve taught me all that works
Because you are so loverly...loverly...loverly...loverly


She sang a cappella - and with a "loverly" hat on her head!  It was fabulous!

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