Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rhodes College Southern Literary Garden

I love themed gardens.  Most of us are familiar with Butterfly Gardens, where the plants are chosen for their attraction to butterflies.

Another example popular in the South is the Biblical Garden, filled with plants mentioned in the Bible.

Kew Gardens, Kew, England
You can plan a garden around any theme you want.  Here's a teaching garden for different grades to learn about plants.  Check out the cute Alphabet Garden!

Alphabet Garden
The same rules apply to theme gardens as to regular gardens, the main one being make sure all of your plants share the same growing conditions.  Say you have a cat-themed garden.  You wouldn't want to put Hosta 'Kitty Cat' in the middle of a group of cattails!

Here in Memphis at Rhodes College we can visit a Southern Literary Garden.  According to the brochure published by the school, "The plants in this garden are mentioned in poetry and prose by distinguished Southern literary figures."

Daylilies in the Southern Literary Garden

What are your favorite theme gardens?  What kind of theme garden would you like to have?

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