Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fun stuff

from Garden Tracker in the iTunes App Store

Monday's Wall Street Journal devoted the Technology section to The Best Way to Do Almost Anything on Your Mobile Devices.  Wowee!  The Be a Gardener section has apps for figuring out

  • what to plant
  • recording when you plant, water, fertilizer, and treat
  • cooking and preserving what you grow
NOTE:  check the link quickly, I'm not sure it's a permalink.

At PAR Davies next year, we're going to experiment with a cloud-based program that will allow multiple users to input information into the same platform so that we can all see what everyone has done.

Finally, a friend turned me on to AppZilla (available in the iTunes app store.)  This app is a gateway to 120 (free) or 150 ($.99) other apps!  Color Detect lets you hold your device to a color and it will tell you the RPG.  Bubble Level lets you straighten all those crooked pictures in your doctor's office!  I foresee lots of exploring in my future...

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