Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weeds of the World - Unite!

Julie M. recently sent us a link to a great, informative website A Way to Garden.  It's the creation of Margaret Roach, who many of us may recognize as the former garden editor of Martha Stewart Living - and before that of Newsday, a newspaper in NYC/Long Island.  Margaret gardens in the Hudson River Valley of New York.  Some of her challenges are different from ours and we won't track her timing, but there's still plenty that we can adapt to "sunny" Memphis.

As you may have been able to discern from the most recent posts, we have tomatoes on the brain!  Returned from vacation Monday, ran out to the garden, and there they were:  little green gems - oh my!  But how to maximize the little darlings?  A Way to Garden has growing tips here and trouble-shooting tips here.

‘Potunia Papaya,’ from German breeder Dummen-Red Fox
And check out these gorgeous petunias!

Finally, from the "Garden Humor" section of A Way to Garden, something we can relate to!

Andre Jordan -

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